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Audrey Fleurot, former “ugly funny”: the actress confides in her childhood


It was during an interview with the magazine Psychologies as the actress of the series HPI confided in her childhood, and in particular on the physique she had when she was a little girl.


With her flamboyant red hair, her pretty blue eyes and her dreamy slender figure, Audrey Fleurot is a French actress whose charm leaves no one indifferent. However, when she was younger, the 45-year-old actress did not have an easy-going physique. At least that’s what the actress of the series confided HPI in an interview with the magazine Psychologies for its May 2023 edition.

“I was redheaded, round, myopic, with trifocals, and I wore rings for I don’t know how long”she remembered, before specifying that she had “everything to become the scapegoat of the school”.


Audrey Fleurot then explained that she had found a way to be left alone at school. “I clowned around, had messy hair, wore totally improbable 1950s secretary glasses at 8 years old… Even if it meant not going unnoticed, let’s claim it. So I built myself like the ugly funny one »she revealed.

The actress, whom the viewers of HPI will be able to find on the screen in their series, from next May 11, has therefore always liked to break his image. Whether it was when she was a child, or now, when she is in front of the camera.

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