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Beijing express: Alexandre and Chirine send a video message to Céline and Xavier after the final.


Last night was the Beijing Express final on M6. It opposed two pairs with extremely different profiles. On the one hand Alexandre and Chirine, the romantic couple and strategist, on the other Xavier and Céline, the employee and his boss who will have made us laugh with their good humor and their simplicity throughout the season. It was Xavier and Céline who finally won this Beijing Express season. Alexandre and Chirine wanted to send them a video message:

“Here you know the outcome of season 17 beijing express, it was a very trying adventure for us, almost insurmountable! At the broadcast, we wanted to have a word for Xavier and Céline: “Guys, I love you and congratulations! » Congratulating them on having won this season, they deserved it, it was a pleasure and an honor to make the final alongside them! Chirine adds “Incredible! It was amazing! I cried so much when xav cried, it was amazing! » Alexandre resumes, « Céline bravo so frankly: master class! » « We love you. »

They then thanked viewers for their support, although the duo did not always have unanimous support from viewers: “Thank you all for your support, even if we are not unanimous, we have lived the best of experiences and that’s the main thing, we love you and we say see you soon for other projects” “thank you for everything! »

Xavier also replied in a story: “We love you too, this final together was incredible. »

We salute their fair play and their benevolence towards Xavier and Céline.

xavier beijing express

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