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Blanche Gardin: this staggering sum that she refused to participate in the next season of ‘LOL: who laughs comes out!’


While the cast of the next season of LOL: who laughs comes out! getting ready, Blanche Gardin posted a long message on Facebook in which she justifies her refusal to participate in the show broadcast on Amazon Prime…

“Yes, it bothers me”

“Very very dear Mr. Bezos”it is in these terms that Blanche Gardin began her message in which she justifies her refusal to participate in the next season of the show LOL: who laughs comes out! streamed on Amazon Prime.

“I am sorry to have to refuse your invitation to participate in the next season of the game LOL: Who Laughs Comes Out! broadcast on your Amazon platform. I understood that it was only a single day of shooting, only here, that day, I have a dentist. And, as the third richest person in the world, you know, it takes good, long teeth to succeed in this world.she added.

“It also happens that I would be embarrassed to the bones (not to say that it would downright hurt my ass) to be paid 200,000 euros for a day’s work, even if I lose at your game, when the association charity of my choice would win 50,000 euros, that is to say 4 times less, and again, only if I win »she continued.

“I do not want that in ten years no one will go to the cinema”

If the 46-year-old comedian objects to the cachet reserved for celebrities participating in the entertainment show, she then attacks the American e-commerce company. “Yes, it bothers me to receive, for 8 hours of work, this maddening sum from a company which: – Does not pay its taxes in France (…) – Which emits 55.8 million tonnes of gas to greenhouse effect per year (…) – Which uses the workforce of the Uyghur concentration camps.- Which destroys the jobs of petty trade and all the social life that goes with it. – That the jobs it creates by destroying others are grueling jobs in dehumanized warehouses (…) All that for what? So we could order cheap diapers from our couch scratching our balls. Yes, it bothers me”she continued.

It was only after Blanche Gardin confided that she preferred to devote her career to films shown in cinemas. “I don’t want that in ten years, no one will go to the cinema anymore and that we will all be watching series on the sofa while having burgers delivered by undocumented immigrants who pedal under the rain “she clarified.

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