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Pekin express: Did Céline and Xavier really become friends after the show?


Xavier and Céline, the duo made up of a boss and his employee, won the final of the Beijing Express program broadcast on M6 after overcoming difficult stages and beating the strategist couple formed by Alexandre and Chirine in the broadcast episode Thursday, April 20. The duo will now share a sum of more than 30,000 euros.

But what about their relationship now?

In an interview with HuffPost, Xavier and Céline explained that Beijing Express was not a vacation and said they would never go back together. However, the two from Lorraine traveled all over Latin America for the game and enjoyed it very much.

Celine, who is expecting her second child, believes Beijing Express is a different vacation experience and everyone has their own family. Her ex-boss, Xavier, agrees with her and sees vacations as special times he spends with his wife, not his colleagues.

A new friendship

Before the show, Xavier and Céline had never seen each other outside of work, but today their relationship has evolved. Since the end of Beijing Express, the two friends have been spending time together outside of work and have become friends.

“On the other hand, we didn’t see each other outside, now we have little dinners together and we call each other regularly. There is a friendlier relationship than before. Our relationship was purely professional,” says Xavier

During the evening of their victory, the fans witnessed a highly anticipated moment: Xavier and Céline were familiar with each other for the first time in 10 years, at the request of the boss.

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