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Xavier (Pékin Express): what does his partner think of his relationship with Céline?


It was during an interview with TV Magazine of Figaro that the respective spouses of Xavier and Céline confided in what they think of the relationship that binds the two candidates of Beijing Express: the secret choice.

Grand Final

While M6 broadcast the grand finale of Beijing Express: the secret choice this Thursday, April 20, 2023, Xavier’s companion, Rosalie, and Céline’s companion, Anthony, gave an interview to the TV Magazine of Figaro. The opportunity for the respective spouses of the boss and his employee to confide in their feelings about the relationship that binds the two candidates of the game show.

“I knew Céline from Xavier’s words because they worked together. We had met once at an end-of-year event for their company. He always loved her very much. It was not a problem for me at all that they participated in Beijing Express together”Rosalie said.


For his part, Anthony was very happy that Céline was going on an adventure with his boss… and not with him! “He didn’t want to participate with me because TV wasn’t his thing. When I told him I had asked Xavier, he thought it was a good idea. When he saw our video, he had a feeling that we were going to be taken”said the employee.

As a reminder, Xavier and Céline are the darling candidates of viewers of the show M6. Their complicity which bursts on the screen, while they are boss and employee in real life, has touched many viewers. After the show’s finale last night, the pair also finished as the big winner of season 17 of Beijing Express !

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