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Chloé Jouannet in a polka dot bikini: Alexandra Lamy’s daughter reveals her curves, sexier than ever


On her Instagram account a few days ago, Chloé Jouannet shared a photo of herself in a two-piece swimsuit, revealing her curves, sexier than ever.

Posing in a bikini

” You are amazing “, “Magnificent, splendid”, ” Too beautiful “, “You are gorgeous as always”, ” Beautiful beautiful beautiful “, ” The photos are beautiful “, “Only sirens”can we read in the commentary of the publication of Chloé Jouannet, shared a few days ago on Instagram.

And for good reason, while she was on vacation by the sea, Alexandra Lamy’s daughter shared a photo of her posing all smiles in a white and black polka dot print bikini, feet in the sand, the sunglasses on the nose. A snapshot on which the 25-year-old actress reveals her flat stomach, sexier than ever.

relationship to the body

In December 2022, the daughter of Alexandra Lamy and Thomas Jouannet gave an interview to TV 7 days in which she confided in her relationship to the body. As she starred in the film My heroinedirected by Noémie Lefort, in which she played the role of a young woman ready to do anything to meet her idol, Julia Roberts, and for which she had gained weight, she declared: “I feel that the journalists, today, have a little time to adapt… At the time of filming, I was not very well in my sneakers. I didn’t like it too much, I had gained weight: I took control of myself. When I saw the film, I had a hard time recognising”before adding:

“I yo-yoed with my weight, I was one of those kind of teenagers who felt bad about themselves at times (.)… I had periods of big weight gain, then d a sudden, weight loss. I had a little bulimia when I was much younger (…) I saw that I was not alone. I took the sport as a pleasure instead of a constraint and after that, we grow. Social media really helped me with that. To see young women, who had perfect bodies in my opinion, but who also had complexes (…) It’s a long journey when you have complexes about your body, about food, about many things. But it’s important to talk about it.”.

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