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Hélène Ségara: she separates from her companion after 20 years of marriage


According to information relayed by the magazine Here isHélène Ségara and her husband Mathieu Lecat would have separated after 20 years of marriage.


While they were married in 2003 in Ajaccio (Corsica) and they are the parents of two children, Matteo, born in 2003, and Maya, born in 2004, Hélène Ségara and her husband Mathieu Lecat separated. At least that’s what the magazine says. Here ison newsstands this Friday, April 21, 2023, stating that the rupture occurred several months ago.

Between Hélène Ségara and Mathieu Lecat, love at first sight had however been immediate when they met. On France 2the member of the jury of France has an unbelievable talent on M6 also said: “The craziest thing I did for love: it was for my husband, it was to flirt with a boy for the first time in my life. I really flirted with him, he was so shy that I said to myself that I had to make an effort because I knew that he would not succeed..


If the 52-year-old singer remains discreet about her life as a couple, she nevertheless indulged in a few secrets about her husband during an interview with Gala. ” I am very romantic. And why not ? Many cheat with feelings, I try not to. Moreover, I have a husband who, for twenty-two years that we have been together, has always been aware of the intensity of my expectations. I don’t want a trivial story. The right person is the one from whom you don’t hide your flaws. We can say what we want, celebrate cynicism, I am convinced that people all secretly dream of the deep feeling that great love engenders.she revealed.

As a reminder, Hélène Ségara is also the mother of Raphaël, born in 1990 from a previous relationship. For the time being, the interpreter of There are too many people who love you did not speak about her separation although she is very active on social networks.

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