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Living alone after a long relationship: how to do it?


In a society where we are accustomed to life as a couple, it is difficult not to live together anymore. Many people dread everyday life without a partner and yet it is inevitable when the breakup occurs. After months, even years of habit as a duo, it is now time to embark on the adventure of solo life! Do you dread spending your evenings alone? A feeling of loneliness has invaded you since you separated? Don’t panic, living alone after a long relationship is possible, and we’ll explain how to do it!

Learning to live alone after a long relationship

There single life is too often associated with loneliness and sadness, this observation is however false. According to a study, single women are even more happy ! Of course, it is normal to feel a sense of emptiness after a separation, but we must leave behind these traditions of life. You used to find yourself in front of your favorite series after dinner? Do you enjoy getting ready at the same time in the bathroom?

Cooking his favorite dishes made you happy? Forget everything and take a new start ! Celibacy is a real life experience which rhymes with freedom. Very quickly, you will see that living alone is as fulfilling as living as a couple, you just have to know how to do it!

Living alone: ​​feeling good at home

Too many singles forget this important detail to succeed in living alone after a breakup: their interior. We spend less time there than at work, of course, but it’s not because we live alone that we should neglect our apartment. You must feel happy coming home after a hard day! If you want stop being lonelythe decoration of your home must please you!

Arrange your accommodation according to your taste, make it functional and practical. Not only will this project allow you to forget your heart problems, but you will also find that you feel much better at home when you like it!

to live alone

Living well with loneliness: appreciating it

Appreciating loneliness can be learned, especially after having shared everything with your (ex) partner. Do you dread loneliness? Living alone worries you? First, you need to understand that there is a difference between solitude and isolation. While solitude can be chosen, isolation is imposed. For accept these moments alone, you will have to apprehend them and welcome them. Do not run away as soon as you have to spend 5 minutes at home. Take the opportunity to take care of your interior, of you!


Understand the daily life of the single person: enjoy

Even if you are currently having a heartbreak, remember your life as a couple. There were many things you couldn’t stand in life together ? Your ex didn’t like sushi? He was constantly choosing the TV program? His decorative tastes were nil?

See the bright side of the situation, now you are free ! Take advantage of this freedom to watch what you want on TV, eat whenever you want, concoct small dishes and take care of yourself full time! At the risk of surprising you, you can quickly to have fun.

Managing your daily life after a breakup: staying surrounded

Celibacy is an opportunity to see more of your friends. After a breakup, we find free time to devote to oneself and to others. Seize this opportunity! Yes, because not having a partner doesn’t mean you have to stay home and mope around with your cat. It is statistically proven that people in a relationship see their friends less. You will quickly see that it is possible to live alone and to be more surrounded than ever.. Family, friends, new meetingsyou have plenty of time!


Being happy alone: ​​taking care of yourself

Your ex left the house and you find yourself alone? Take care ! Now that you no longer have to take care of the other, you will be able to focus on your welfare. Focusing on yourself allows you toget to know their wants and needs. Are there activities you would like to do? Do you have projects in mind? Get started! For once, you can devote all your time to yourself. This experience of solitude in your daily life helps many people to rebuild and change for the better.

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