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Ingrid Chauvin: she shares a tender snapshot of her and her companion, more accomplices than ever


It was on her Instagram account this Thursday, April 20, 2023 that Ingrid Chauvin shared a tender snapshot of her and her companion, Philippe Warrin, accomplices in front of the lens.

Nice complicity

She smiles brightly, her gaze into the distance, while he stares at the lens, all smiles, his head leaning against the back of his sweetheart… It is a tender snapshot that Ingrid Chauvin shared on her Instagram account this Thursday 20 April 2023; cliché which testifies to the beautiful complicity which binds the actress of tomorrow belongs to us and the photographer, in a relationship since 2021.

On her side is written “a girl”, on his side, “a guy”, in reference to the cult series A boy a girl with Alexandra Lamy and Jean Dujardin, alias Chouchou and Loulou.

In the comments, many Internet users reacted to the love story between Ingrid Chauvin and Philippe Warrin. “What a pleasure to see you so happy and complicit”, “You are so beautiful! Love dresses you with a thousand lights”, “It warms my heart to see you happy”, “You two are so beautiful together”, “You bring us joy every day”, “It’s nice to see you happy, with a beautiful complicity, you so deserve this happiness”can we read in particular.

Love story

Ingrid Chauvin and Philippe Warrin are currently spinning the perfect love… like a few years ago! Yes, the actress and the photographer have already been in a relationship in the past. In June 2022, the mother of a little Tom, born from a previous relationship, explained his unexpected meeting with the photographer.

“I like to tell myself that things are written. This allows me to be more in acceptance. And, yes, these reunions are incredible, I would never have imagined this (…) I remember that my son said to me: ‘Why don’t you have a lover, mum?’ And fifteen days later, I fell on this man that I knew when I was younger.she said before adding: “We found each other as if we had never left each other! However, eighteen years have passed… I say: ‘Thank you life’”she said.

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