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Josiane Balasko: her moving secrets about the adoption of her son Rudy


Guest of the show Papotin meetings broadcast on France 2the 73-year-old actress indulged in a few secrets about her adopted son, Rudy.

“I fell in love”

Papotin meetings is a half-hour program, created by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, during which some forty non-professional journalists, carriers of autism spectrum disorders, interview a celebrity about his career and his life.

After Gilles Lellouche, Camille Cottin, Julien Doré or even Emmanuel Macron, Josiane Balasko lent herself to the game of the interview with the journalists, in the program broadcast this Saturday April 22, 2023 on France 2.

“I couldn’t have children”

At 73, the actress is the mother of two children, a girl named Marilou Berry, born in 1983, and a boy named Rudy, born in 1986.

During the interview, Josiane Balasko indulged in some touching secrets about the adoption of her boy, since she could not have another child.

“We adopt when we want to have another child, I already had a daughter, I wanted another child but I couldn’t have a child, so we went to the DDASS. This is where we go to apply for adoption. It takes a year, there’s a long file because you don’t adopt a child like you adopt a dog, it’s more complicated, you have to be sure. And then I was given Rudy’s photo one day, and I fell in love with Rudy who was three years old.she revealed, before adding with a broad smile:

“Today he is 33 years old, he is a great”.

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