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Pisces – Your weekly horoscope from April 24 to 30, 2023


Monday’s Gemini Moon could have your brain racing! You have lots of ideas but you don’t always take action. It’s time to change that! The Moon in Cancer on April 25 and 26 will create a conjunction with Mars, which will invite you to work twice as hard in your plans. Stagnation no longer has its place, Jupiter is spending its last weeks in Aries, take advantage of this to not waste a second! Despite the retrograde of Mercury, which attenuates exchanges with others, you have the possibility of saving a lot of time on a personal level, for this you must trust yourself. Saturn in your sign is a call for maturity and therefore the idea that you can’t achieve everything you want, at least not all at once.

Watchword of the week: Maturity
Day of the week: Tuesday

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