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Angèle reframes in her own way a surfer who attacks her on her small chest


A modern and committed singer, Angèle is not the type to be intimidated by the misogynistic remarks of the haters who regularly rage on social networks. This is how she again reacted with her own humor in the face of new attacks on her physique.

Angèle target of attacks on her physique

It only took the simple publication of a photo on her Instagram and Twitter accounts where Angèle poses alongside Simon Porte, the creator of Jacquemus, for a real wave of sexist remarks to fall on the young a singer. Angèle appears in the photograph in question dressed very simply, wearing trousers and a small top. It didn’t take much for haters to criticize the young woman’s physique, with comments such as: “Angèle has no breasts, no buttocks, rough teeth, but mashed potatoes, how pretty she is!

It goes without saying that the final compliment on the beauty of the singer is unfortunately marred by the remarks that precede it.

Angèle: a humorous response to haters

It is with foolproof humor that Angèle responded to this sexist comment, using to do this a photograph of herself which has been retouched, at the level of the chest and the buttocks in particular. His wide smile with perfectly aligned teeth and his ironic comment “thanks for the compliment” which accompanies the photo complete her response. This humorous reaction seduced the singer’s fans who gave her all their support through their comments: ” I love self-mockery. But there are people here who should go buy glasses. ” or ” Always respond to stupidity with humor and derision. Well done, Angela! So many positive reactions that must have delighted the young woman.

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