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“I love you mom”: Amir, in shock, announces terrible news


This Saturday, April 22, singer Amir announced the death of his mother, who was only 64 years old. The opportunity for him to pay a beautiful tribute to his mother on his Instagram account.

Terrible news for Amir

On the evening of Saturday April 22, Amir announced on his Instagram account the death of his mother, Carmi Haddad, who was to celebrate her 65th birthday on June 15. It is therefore with great sadness and love that the singer announced the news to his many fans, taking the opportunity to pay a touching tribute to his mother: “Darling mother, to be your child is to grow up happy . Loved, sheltered, supported, and strong above all else. Well, everything… except this enormous emptiness since you left. I love you mom, thank you for what you have been and will leave in our unbelieving hearts, a diamond, a shooting star. ‘Without you, I admit, I feel sad like a pianist’s hand, which would have lost its desire to play. You have to believe that without you, I’m not gifted… He was a woman. »

This tender declaration was accompanied by photographs representing moments of joy experienced by his mother, including one where Amir appears at his side, a smile on his face. A tribute more highlighted because it is the only post that has since remained on the singer’s Instagram account, the latter having deleted all the others for this sad occasion.

Fan support

Amir’s fans were of course touched by the announcement of this terrible news, and they did not fail to show the singer benevolent marks of support. So we can read comments such as “we will always love him and we love you”, “With all our hearts with you”, “my sincere condolences” or even “a lot of strength, we think of you very much”. One of the messages, posted by host Laurie Cholewa, implies that the singer’s mother was battling the disease. Probably reason why Amir had canceled some concerts. Our thoughts are with him during these difficult times.

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