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Mr. Pokora has lost weight: his impressive before-after!


As Mr. Pokora’s Epicenter tour to celebrate his 20-year career looms on the horizon, the 37-year-old singer had to follow a rather intense physical program. The result is an impressive weight loss that he reveals to us in pictures on his Instagram account.

Epicenter, a very special tour

It is with great heart that Mr. Pokora is considering this new tour, Epicenter, which marks his 20-year career. It therefore sounds special for the singer who prepares it with even more fervor, wanting to offer his fans the best of himself: “So looking forward to seeing you again for this new show! Looking back together on 20 years of music by your side, 20 years of communion on each of the tours, 20 years of growing up with you… I went from being a teenager to being a father before your eyes. It’s crazy. And who says new tour also says intensive preparation in order to be able to follow the various shows and change of cities while remaining in top form. Rest is then rare, and it is therefore imperative for artists to prepare in advance to follow such a hectic pace.

The impressive weight loss of Mr. Pokora

Mr. Pokora therefore embarked on the preparation of his Epicenter tour by following a sports program and a rigorous diet. The promotional period for his latest album was indeed marked by unbalanced meals and a total absence from the gym: “At the end of last year, I was in the worst shape I have ever summer. “The singer then took control of himself and offers us, on his Instagram account, a before-after photo which testifies to the result of his efforts: “Here I am today, 4 months later, in the best shape of my life. life. “A physical and a mental at the top to face a” legendary tour “as Mr. Pokora has promised to his many fans.

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