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5 home remedies to grow a beard naturally


In the last decade the beard It has become one of the basics in the most mainstream in men. Reviled years ago, it is now synonymous with masculinity, and even elegance. Not surprisingly, there are many celebrities and reference characters who carry her within her style with pride and knowing how to be.

But, far from what it may seem, Taking care of our beard and making it grow is not as easy as it might seem at first, and that is why many men have to resort to the help of third parties. But, if you are in this case, do not worry! We put at your disposal a small list of home tips so that you can grow your beard with ‘homemade’ remedies.

Tricks to make the beard grow faster

grow beard
grow beard

In the first place, short and to the bottom: as the popular proverb says, Miracles to Lourdes. No, there are no magical remedies that allow us to have a strong and healthy beard if our genetics are not predisposed to it. And it is that The speed of growth of the beard is determined precisely by our genes, which complete a cycle in which each hair on the body grows, falls out and comes out again in a process that, when we reach maturity or old age, ends up stopping. . Of course, it is not all bad news: yes you can influence with some things to help this process.

diet is very important

It has been shown that the consumption of some vitamins, such as Vitamin D and Vitamin B, can help activate some follicles. To consume these vitamins, we can eat foods such as fish, eggs or nuts.

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Clean and moisturized skin

Keep the skin under the beard clean and moisturized It is key for its appearance to be good. Not in vain, healthy skin is a better context for hair to grow better. So, We recommend that you clean your face daily with a natural, mild and moisturizing soap, to prevent dirt and dead cells from accumulating and clogging the pores. Learn how to take care of the skin after shaving.

Try to control your stress

Yeah, it is not a false myth. Stress is a close friend of hair loss. If you are one of those people who lives 200% each day, exercises such as meditation, breathing or other activities that lead to calm, will be your great allies to keep your beard firm and strong.

Cinnamon Lemon Blends

Citric acid, calcium and vitamin c that contains lemon will help you reduce dandruff that may appear in the beard; while cinnamon improves blood flow to hair follicles.
In parallel, both ingredients contain properties that stimulate beard growth.
To use this recipe, squeeze a lemon and mix it with a few tablespoons of ground cinnamon. Soak your beard with the resulting mixture and let it rest on your hair for 30 minutes. When this time passes, clean with plenty of cold water.

Exfoliate your face with brown sugar

Exfoliation is the process by which we remove all the dirt from our face throughout the day, in addition to unclogging pores, preventing acne problems and, ultimately, stimulating our hair growth. How to take care of the skin after shaving

To create our homemade scrub, we will need to mix olive oil with brown sugar. Once we have a homogeneous mixture, we will massage the skin with circular movements, along all the hair, for a few minutes.

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