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He wants to take a break to think: how to react to this situation?


The feelings of love within a couple evolve. After several months or years, the partners may be faced with doubts and feel the need to take a break from the relationship. Does your companion want to distance themselves? He wants to take a break to think? Not seeing each other for a while can make it easier to find each other again. Despite the pain caused by this announcement, don’t panic, you can still save your couple. We explain how to react to this situation!

He wants to take a break: react well to this situation

Hearing your partner ask for a break is far from pleasant. THE shock of the announcement can quickly give way to panic and fear of losing the other. Does he still love me? What did I do wrong? Has he met another woman? Taking a break may seem like an easy solution to manage crises within a couplebut she can be beneficial And save your relationship.

The fact that he does not want to break up should reassure you. Your companion has only need time and space For take stock of your story. You don’t know what attitude to adopt? First of all, reacting well to this situation is essential. Stay calm and listen to his words.

He wants to take a break from your relationship: understand the cause

It’s official, your boyfriend wants to take a break from your relationship. Even if you undergo this decision, you will have to respect his will and accept this break, even if it’s reluctantly. Be aware that this choice is not easy for your partner. If he tells you about it, it’s because he feels a real need for change.

Certainly, you have the impression of being rejected, abandoned, but if you want to find him, you will have to understand the cause of his approach. Listen to his explanations and question him. There communication will help you identify their expectations and the reason for this desire to move away.


My partner wants a break: setting rules

The application of a break is not to be taken lightly. Like a couple contract, it is necessary to set some rules before separating. Yes, because a break in a relationship is not synonymous with fun! It is a process that is intended to think about your relationship, his feelings. If you want the reunion to go well, make sure you’re on the same wavelength, even if it means draw up a list of limits to respect.

Do you want to stay in touch or not join at all? Do you allow yourself to sleep with other people? Do you want to see yourself outside or at home? So many questions you won’t need to think about when he’s not by your side!


Managing your break with your companion: deciding on a reunion date

Unlike a break, the break must have an end ! Before starting this break, agree on the date of your reunion. Regarding the duration, there is no universal rule. The date depends on your needs, your plans and the problems you are having in your relationship. It can be a matter of a few weeks to a few months. Remember, the longer it takes, the more likely you are to suffer, especially if it’s not your decision.

He needs to think: take a step back

Learning that your partner needs space is painful, but remaining inactive is not the solution, on the contrary. This station wagon is meant to do you both good. You have to enjoy this alone time For take his comments into account And work on yourself and improve yourself !

If your boyfriend finds the same woman he left, it could jeopardize the objectives of the break. Take a step back and you too, ask yourself if you miss his absence, focus on the points to change For develop your romantic relationship. Make sure that this distance has a positive impact on your story!


Ending a break: making a decision

After a few months and weeks where everyone has focused on themselves, comes the time for reunion and focus. It is at this moment that you will both decide to continue the journey together or of break up permanently.

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