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Married at first sight: Internet users scandalized by the meeting between the father of Estelle and that of Maximilien


Since last March M6 has started broadcasting the seventh season of the program “Married at first sight”. Viewers were therefore able to discover new candidates ready to commit to this unique experience. Last week, the portraits of two new participants were presented. Maximilien announced his marriage to his parents, who were very encouraging for the rest of his adventure. On the other hand, Estelle was confronted with the incomprehension of her father, who is very protective and who reacted badly to the announcement of her marriage.

Estelle’s father wanted to meet his daughter’s future husband before the ceremony which will take place in Gibraltar. However, experts denied this request, as it would jeopardize the show’s concept. A compromise was then found: Estelle’s father was able to meet Maximilien’s father one-on-one, which the latter accepted out of love for his son. Viewers were able to attend this historic meeting on the show.

From the start of their conversation, Estelle’s father expressed his concerns about his future son-in-law. Her biggest fear was that her daughter would “run into a bandit”. This statement surprised Maximilian’s father, who nevertheless sought to reassure him by saying: “There is no risk, don’t worry, my son is not a bandit. I am a former soldier ( …) We follow rules (…) We respect a certain number of things. My son inherited his education, which we gave him with my wife”.

Internet users, shocked by the scene, flooded Twitter to warn Maximilien of the risk of having a stepfather like him.

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