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Married at first sight: the icy atmosphere between the two families creates general unease


The program Married at first sight is of course marked by the essential wedding ceremonies during which the bride and groom and their respective families meet for the first time. And the least we can say is that the atmosphere at the wedding of Estelle and Maximilien turned out to be icy.

A marriage under high tension

It is in an atmosphere where the tension was more than palpable that took place the wedding ceremony of Estelle and Maximilien, broadcast this Monday, April 24. The couple formed by the secretary and the sports coach, both 30 years old, are 80% compatible. But the fact remains that the father of the young woman is not at all favorable to this union. He also asked for an interview with Maximilien before the wedding. The production granted him, on an exceptional basis, to meet the father of the latter. The wedding ceremony of the future spouses is therefore placed under high tension, as evidenced by my mother of Maximilien, true support of her son in his approach: “Everyone is wondering, everyone is very stressed“.

The intervention of Maximilian’s mother

Faced with the ambient stress and wishing to break the awkward silence that reigns a few minutes before the ceremony, Maximilien’s mother decides to ask the mother of the future bride how she feels: “The mother of the bride-to-be, I guess she’s as stressed as me and I say to myself, we have to get to know each other, we have to get to know each other before Maximilien arrives and I want to reassure her by going towards her“. And this empathetic gesture was welcome because it helped to dissipate tensions, the two families, and in particular Estelle’s sister and Maximilien’s parents, starting to talk. An effective way to break an icy atmosphere that did not has not gone unnoticed by Internet users: “ The discomfort. I think this is the worst meeting I’ve seen between two families », « The atmosphere between the two families is so icy », « What an atmosphere “.

Let’s hope for the newlyweds that these tensions dissipate permanently.

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