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This touching little attention from Emmanuel (Married at first sight) which upset Léa and Internet users


While Léa and Emmanuel had never met before, their couple seems obvious. A touching meeting marked this Monday, April 24 by a moving gesture.

An evidence

If there is a couple who wins all the votes during this 7th season of the show Married at first sight, it is that of Léa and Emmanuelle, compatible at 81%. And it is not their honeymoon in Portugal, broadcast this Monday, April 24, which will contradict the opinion of viewers. A van road trip that was also marked by their very first night of love, a moment described by Emmanuel as ” amazing and awesome “. What a Léa confirmed “ satisfied “. The high point of this honeymoon took place during a romantic dinner at the restaurant, when the young groom surprised Léa as he had announced to the cameras by offering his young wife a gift for his son, a miniature truck. This attention full of tenderness for her son born from a previous union could only touch the young mother.

A shocking statement

Emmanuel accompanied this gesture with a statement that shocked everyone, from its author himself to Léa and viewers: “JI married a woman, but I married a mother. I’m marrying your son, I’m marrying your family and it was so important to show it to you. “Words that moved the young mother to tears:” If I could have gotten my heart out, I would have, because it was really, really strong “. A scene that could not be more touching which ended with a loving kiss which provoked many positive and tender reactions from Internet users: “ Frankly Léa and Emmanuel, I validate crazy », « OK I’m crying and I didn’t expect it, thank you Emmanuel and Léa “. A lovely couple who seem to be well on their way to happiness.

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