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Exceptional situation in “Love is in the meadow”: the production calls


The filming of the speed-datings which will introduce the 18th season of Love is in the meadow has been disrupted by a very unusual situation. The production then takes things in hand by launching a call.

An extraordinary situation

At the end of January, beginning of February, viewers were able to discover on M6 the portraits of the candidates for season 18 of Love is in the meadow. Since then, Karine Le Marchand, presenter of the show, as well as the teams and candidates, have started to turn the speed-datings. These meetings are an opportunity for farmers to meet the contenders they have selected for the first time. It is also an opportunity for them to choose the two they will then invite to come and share a week with them. These speed-datings are preceded by a major step: opening the mail. They can then discover the missives sent by the women and men who fell in love with them. Among the candidates of Love is in the meadow, we find in particular David, 42 years old. But the opening of the mail did not go as planned for this breeder of dairy and suckler cows.

A production call

It is at a ” exceptional situation » faced by the production of Love is in the meadow This year. Indeed, as announced by the show’s official Instagram account: David did not receive any mail delivery. The teams then decided to come to the aid of the farmer: But love’s mailbox remains open so don’t hesitate to send her your letter or share this video. His crush is certainly somewhere. “While David will therefore not be able to participate in the speed-dating, for lack of a contender, the latter reacted with a smile:” That’s life, we have to move on “. The production is therefore appealing for David to still be able to participate in the show: “ If in a few weeks, you have the providential letter, obviously, we give it to you “.

If you wish to write to David, you can do so by post to “L’Amour est dans le Pré – David – TSA 21234 – 75 070 Paris” or by email to “amourestdanslepre@m6.fr”.

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