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Helena (Koh-Lanta) makes a radical decision for her couple following the adventure


While Koh-Lanta has seen the formation of several couples, the show has also experienced some separations. Situation encountered by Helena, candidate for the new season of Koh-Lanta, who gave herself up to “Ici Paris” with an open heart.

Koh-Lanta: a revelation for Helena’s couple

Helena, a 27-year-old Belgian physiotherapist, was quick to get noticed in the new season of Koh-Lanta, entitled “the sacred fire”. The young woman has indeed very quickly attracted the antipathy of Internet users who have immediately found the top arrogant. The show was an opportunity for Helena to realize a dream, but also to take a step back from her daily life, and especially concerning her couple. The young woman thus revealed, during an interview published on April 12, 2023 by “Ici Paris”, that she had separated from her boyfriend at the end of the Koh-Lanta adventure. Thus, once back home, Helena broke up with the one who shared her life: “ I discovered that I didn’t miss the man I was with during the game. So we broke up and I’ve since found someone. The program therefore acted as a real revealer for the young Belgian who thus gave a new direction to her private life.

Unromantic living conditions

While some couples have formed thanks to the Koh-Lanta show, Helena joins the opinion of former candidates by affirming that the place where the adventure takes place is not conducive to romantic rapprochements. And far from it if we are to believe his testimony: Koh-Lanta is not the island of temptation! Most applicants have children and a family. We are not doing this show to make connections. And even if you’re single, you think more about eating, winning the tests, sleeping, than finding your soul mate… On the island, nothing happens, that’s 100% sure. Getting in a relationship is really the last thing you think about!“As far as she is concerned, Helena has found love again, but outside the cast of Koh-Lanta.

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