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“I promise you”: Marilou Berry shares a tender message on Instagram following the announcement of the end of the series


The television series adapted from This is Us, called “I promise you”, aired its last episode on Monday April 24 on TF1. Unfortunately, viewers will no longer be able to follow the adventures of the Gallo family because the channel has decided to end the series due to disappointing ratings on the last season. Despite this, many stories remained unfinished and viewers will have unanswered questions after the final episode airs and will be left with their endings. The actors of the series, it’s a beautiful page that turns and they will be missed by viewers. Marilou Berry, one of the main characters of the series alongside Camille Lou and Hugo Becker, posted a sweet message on Instagram to say goodbye to her character, Maud, and to the loyal viewers who shared their support with her.

In her publication, Marilou Berry collected several photos from the filming of the last season of “I promise you”, adding a caption announcing the end of the series. She bids farewell to the characters, Maud, Mika, Mathis and the Gallo family, whom she enjoyed playing. “In my camera roll… there are the latest photos from the last episodes of the last season of “I promise you”! That’s it, the Gallo family is over! It is with joy that I leave, Maud, Mika, Mathis and all the smala… that I loved playing this character!” The actress also thanks the people she met during these three years “Finding this family for 3 years… thank you for all these meetings! … Thank you for being such good partners ”In addition, Marilou Berry shares photos taken on the set, in particular during her participation in The Voice, with Nikos.

“But but but… how did it end??? There are no other seasons 😱😱😢😢😢 no no it’s not possible 😪”

“Ah is it the end? There will be no new season? The Gallo family was very nice, and their many pleasant adventures to follow 😍🔥❤️🔥, congratulations to you and the whole team »

“Ho damage 😢 Disappointed to have to say goodbye to the Gallos Thank you all for these 3 wonderful seasons 👏🙌❤️”


“Too bad, I loved this series so much, but Marylou can no longer play her role given the huge weight loss, well, I can’t wait to see you tonight 😙 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️”

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