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Julien (Love is in the meadow), victim of a stroke: his companion gives his news.


Within an emblematic couple of the show “L’amour est dans le pré”, great concern reigns at the moment. Indeed, the farmer Julien suffered a serious stroke and was hospitalized in emergency. , worried about her health, shared news about her on social media.

Sad news has been affecting the show “Love is in the meadow” lately. On April 18, the Belgian neighbors were affected by the loss of one of the most famous farmers of the program: Jean-François, who had been part of the 2021 season. Jean-François was 52 years old and was a personality well known in its commune of Quévy thanks to its famous Potager des Délices. Unfortunately, he died suddenly in the middle of a restaurant, in the company of his son. The latter testified that they had had a good time together, playing football in the village square before sharing a pizza, Jean-François’ favorite dish, and that his father had asked for the bill before his heart sank. stop. “He died accompanied by a person he loved,” testified his son to Sud Info.

Julien, victim of a serious accident

French fans of ‘L’amour est dans le pré’ are now also alarmed, as a well-known farmer from the third season, Julien, has recently suffered serious health problems. Julien had found love with Floriane during the show, and it was the latter who publicly announced his emergency hospitalization.

Floriane worried, gives her news on social networks

The couple started to worry since last Monday, when the farmer experienced leg trouble. After consulting a doctor on Tuesday, April 25, bad news came: “I have come to give news of Juju which is not good. He therefore has a stroke in the right cerebellum. Very risky area because it is small. Above all, do not not that it gets bigger, especially in young patients like him. He also has all the motor faculties there. They also saw that his arteries in the brain were like a garden hose, all twisted and a fine blow a big blow .”, announced his companion on social networks.

Floriane, very concerned for her companion, admitted to being afraid for him. She explained that he would need to be hospitalized for at least three days to determine the date of his stroke and its cause. However, according to medical professionals, it is a miracle that he is doing so well! “Normally, given the state, he should be much worse. There he speaks etc. He is no longer allowed to move on the other hand. Just lying down. Tomorrow MRI, new scanner and new blood test. I am upset” explains Floriane.

Julien and Floriane ADP

© Instagram

Julien and Floriane ADP

© Instagram

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