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New: Mattel finally unveils its first Barbie with Down syndrome


Mattel has been playing the inclusiveness card for some time now, so that each child can find themselves in their dolls but also be open to diversity. It is in this logic that the toy brand officially launched this Tuesday, April 25 its new Barbie, a doll with Down syndrome.

Barbie with trisomy 21

© Instagram/mattel

Mattel now places inclusivity at the heart of its business strategy, with the goal of ” allow all children to find themselves in Barbie, but also to encourage them to play with dolls that do not look like them “. This is how the new Barbie, carrier of trisomy 21, was born. The creation of the Barbie with Down syndrome was carried out with the collaboration of the organization dedicated to people with Down syndrome across the Atlantic, the NDSS, National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS). Barbie with Down’s syndrome therefore has physical characteristics that are most often found in people with Down’s syndrome. This Barbie therefore has a flatter nose bridge than usual, as well as smaller ears. His eyes are almond-shaped and smaller than usual, while the length of his torso is greater than the rest of his body.

What is trisomy 21?

Of course, it should be noted that trisomy 21 is not limited to physical characteristics alone and that it will manifest itself differently from one person to another. Also known as Down Syndrome, trisomy is marked by a genetic abnormality with the presence of 3 chromosomes instead of two on chromosome 21. This is why it is called trisomy 21. According to people, trisomy is translated by a mild to moderate intellectual disability, growth problems as well as insufficient muscle tone associated with ligament hyperlaxity.

Barbie with Down syndrome, already on sale online, will also be available in stores next summer.

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