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Camille Cerf, the ex pregnant Miss France, reveals her belly and the sex of the baby, Internet users react!


Camille Cerf, elected Miss France in 2015, has shared the life of Théo Fleury for a few years. The two young lovers live a cloudless romance. And the happy news that they have just announced only confirms things, since Camille Cerf revealed to be waiting for a happy event. A news that delighted his many fans.

A happy event for the young couple

While Camille Cerf was coming out of a difficult relationship, she accidentally made the acquaintance of Théo, through the messages sent to her Instagram account. The young man had indeed fallen under the spell of Camille the evening of his election to Miss France. Patience paid off and the young model’s humor hit the mark, marking the beginning of a sweet romance. The young couple then settled down together, having had a real ” heart stroke for a nice house they acquired without delay.

This Wednesday, April 26, Camille Cerf announced news on her Instagram account that only increases the happiness of the young couple, revealing her baby bump in a video full of tenderness. The birth of the baby is announced for next August, which she also revealed to Gala magazine: “ I am five months pregnant “. While the arrival of a baby was not planned for so early in the life of the two lovebirds, Théo reacted with great emotion to the announcement of the news: “ I took her in my arms, we looked at each other… It was very emotional. I was very happy… »

Baby’s gender reveal

It was not until the beginning of April that the future parents had confirmation of the sex of the baby. They had first been told that it would surely be a girl, then that the sex could not be determined, and finally that it was a boy. Following the announcement, netizens covered the couple of congratulatory posts that we join today.

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