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Jean Luc Reichmann shares an unpublished photo of his very first TV, we don’t recognize him!


The stars continue to surprise us on social networks in particular, sharing more or less recent photos of them. This is how Jean-Luc Reichmann created the surprise by posting, this Tuesday evening, April 26, a photo of him during his first television appearance. Internet users did not have to be asked to react!

Almost 30 years of career

Jean-Luc Reichmann has appeared on the small screen every day for 29 years now. A career that fills the presenter with joy, as evidenced by these words granted to the magazine Télé Loisirs in March 2023: “ This is my 29th year of daily. I’m on a posh planet. I do things that I like with people that I like. I have a clown in my head and love in my heart. Why would it stop? “. This beautiful and long career began not on television but in the theatre, Jean-Luc Reichmann playing in a rock version of Molière’s play “The precious ridiculous” from 1989 to 1994.

A unique shot

Going back to his memories led Jean-Luc Reichmann to post a photo of him during his very first appearance on television, during a television news broadcast on January 12, 1994. He then appeared as an actor in the play in which he was playing then, displaying a very rock and roll style. A look that the facilitator comments with humor: “ We knew how to dress in the 90s!! “. The many subscribers of Jean-Luc Reichmann did not hesitate to react in turn to this new shot, each going with their little touch of humor: “ This is a file not to be thrown away! », « Ah yes, it’s mind-blowing ” or ” Wow what a rocker! “. Many also struggled to recognize the host in this photo: “ I didn’t recognize you! », « Oh dear it changes you “. A photo that was therefore received with all the good humor and kindness it deserves.

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