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Married at First Sight: Are Candidates Pushed to Sleep Together the First Night?


For the past few weeks, the program “married at first sight” has made a comeback on Mondays on M6. We were able to discover new couples who decided to say yes at first sight, as we did previously with many couples in other seasons.

During an interview for pure TV, Alicia and Bruno, a participant in season 6, answered many questions about their experience in “married at first sight”. A positive experience for them which allows them today to live this beautiful love story for almost 2 years.
For each couple, the first night is a decisive stage. Sleeping together or separately, this choice is often decisive for the rest of the adventure. But does the production encourage the candidates to sleep together on the first night?

Alicia and Bruno answered the question: “no no really afterwards it’s the feeling” “I think we have the right to ask for a separate room, there are some who have already done so and the production is very very respectful about that”

They also came back to the fact that things went quickly between them “we let each other go, we let go, we decided not to put up a barrier and to enjoy the moment because if we ask ourselves too much questions, that’s where we might be blocked and as we both fell in love, we decided to trust each other” Alicia will add amused “some people said that it was not possible that we had met before, but what do you want, it’s love at first sight! »

We wish them that their story lasts as long as possible!

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