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Telematin: Julia Vignali violently slaps Thomas Sotto live


While Thomas Sotto and Julie Vignali presented the Télématin program this Wednesday, April 26, the presenter slapped her sidekick live. A gesture in reaction to a report on a school of stuntmen which apparently did not leave the young woman indifferent.

A school of stuntmen in the spotlight

The edition of the Télématin program on Wednesday April 26 broadcast a report concerning a school of stuntmen. A broadcast which took place around 8:30 a.m. and which did not fail to react (to say the least), host Julia Vignali, who even seemed tempted by the experience: “ … if you are in good physical condition, the Campus univers cascades training course is open to everyone from the age of 17 to the age of 30. Ah, too bad, there were few things I could go there…“”. The one who shares the life of actor Kad Merad is indeed 47 years old. This of course did not prevent her from then giving viewers in search of sensations the contact details of the famous school: “ If you are interested, you have the address that appears at the bottom of your screen. »

A live slap

But things didn’t stop there. Indeed, while the subject concerning the school of stuntmen seemed well and truly closed, the host took everyone by surprise. Kad Merad’s companion indeed turned towards her co-presenter, Thomas Sotto, asking him a question full of mystery: ” You are ready ? “. And Julia Vignali then joined the action to the word, pretending to violently slap her partner on the air. The latter, also inspired by the report on the stuntmen, willingly lent himself to the game, starting to shout. But that was without counting on the heavy fall that followed and which forced Julia Vignali to request the launch of an advertising page.

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