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Curly hair: 5 tips to properly define your curls (1/6)


Beautiful curls must be highlighted by a suitable cut. Depending on the spring of your curl, the hairdresser will determine how the hair is positioned, how it grows back at the roots. He will know if the hair will go up a lot or not, when it is dry and cut. If the loop is very tight (curly) the hair can go up 3 or 4 centimeters. It is therefore advisable to carefully analyze the nature of the hair before starting the cut.

The cut of your hair must therefore take these elements into account, but contrary to popular belief, there are few prohibitions. You can opt for a short cut, medium-length or even long hair.

The short cut, the square bowl, formerly reserved for straight hair, are multiplying on the heads of fashionistas with curly hair. The bob bob is also ideal for bringing bounce to curls and maximum volume.

You just have to get used to the idea that the more the cut will be degraded, the more volume there will be above. If you assume the mullet or the shaggy cut, nothing will prevent you from showing off these ultra trendy cuts (choose a hairdresser comfortable with the technique and the cut of curly and curly hair). Regarding the bangs, once again, there is no ban. You have to know beforehand how you plan to style this fringe to adapt it to your desires. If you have decided to straighten it, you can afford everything. If the goal is to leave it natural, it will be necessary to cut accordingly. We will therefore cut less material (because it will go up).

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