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Lola Dubini, victim of grossophobia, she claims to have “already hit” her attackers


The young actress and humorist Lola Dubini unfortunately finds herself the regular target of grossophobic attacks. A behavior that has already led the young woman to defend herself in a muscular way.

Repeated attacks

Lola Dubini’s career is regularly tainted by grossophobic criticism, both in writing and in a direct way. This is how the young woman saw herself verbally attacked in the street, taken to task by strangers: ” To do “Dancing with the Stars”, you have to lose weight “. Plainclothes police officers, who witnessed the scene, intervened to defend the actress, inflicting a well-deserved fine on the attackers: “ They took 135 euros per head… “The young woman therefore learned at the same time that street harassment was punishable by law:” … because what you need to know, and I didn’t know it, now there is a law in France against street harassment and sexism in the street. “. She therefore invited those who, like them, would find themselves in this kind of situation, not to hesitate to assert their rights: “ So if you come across police and you are being insulted or harassed, do not hesitate to grab them. »

A muscular reaction

Lola Dubini has suffered from this grossophobia for many years. And she also found herself responding to one of these attacks in a muscular way, as she relates herself. While she had engaged in a cordial conversation with a young man during an evening, the latter suddenly began to insult her. The young woman, surprised, only received a ” Your fat dirty ass “. What Lola Dubini replied in the strong way: “ I took him by the collar, pressed against the wall and I said: Repeat. Say it to my eyes. “Let’s hope for the young woman that she now enjoys more kindness.

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