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“Nagui has a long arm, he can close the doors to you”, his collaborators evoke the dark side of the animator behind this always smiling facade


Present on radio and television, Nagui has been on the list of favorite French hosts for several years now. But, according to his collaborators, it is a completely different character who would hide under his communicative smile.

An unflattering portrait

This Tuesday, April 25, Télérama published a portrait of the host Nagui, far from the image that the latter returns. This portrait was developed by collecting the testimonies of 40 people, on condition of anonymity for those who wished, close to the facilitator. This is how we learn that, far from the cameras, Nagui turns into a character ” stiff, sharp, perfectionist to the point of delirium and in the permanent balance of power. “To this would be added “ jokes considered vulgar or demeaning “. But Nagui’s collaborators do not seem inclined either to resign or to stand up to him, fearing a backlash, as evidenced by their comments: ” He has a very long arm. He can close doors for you everywhere. A tyrannical image of the presenter/producer then emerges, also described as “ quite a terrifying character. “Another problem: Nagui seems resentful and does not appreciate being contradicted, which therefore leaves the spotlight to this unattractive facet of the host:” When he has you in the nose, you no longer exist. He can be charming and then one day, for one detail, he insults you. … He considers himself superior. »

an empathetic character

While the portrait of Nagui drawn up by the members of his teams is rather chilling, it appears however that the facilitator also shows empathy. This follower of absolute control always knows how to attract the sympathy of those who work for him: We feel valued. He spends on others, they are not much on TV to do that “. An attitude that some, more suspicious, however qualify as ” Golden prison “.

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