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On the cover of ELLE magazine, Sophie marceau rants: “Is she drinkable? »


It was on the occasion of the release of her very first book, entitled “Souterraine” in reference to the fluid and mysterious character of an underground river which, according to her, resembles her, that Sophie Marceau confided in “Elle “on his relationship to the body in particular.

A dictate of the perfect body

Sophie Marceau accompanied the release of her book with an interview with “Elle” magazine. She confided in particular in her regret about the way women are looked at, and in particular on actresses when they get older. For the actress, it is a real throwback to the consideration of the body of the woman to whom it really belongs for a short time. ” And today, what do we see in the world? We go back and it’s something that makes me hysterical. Sophie Marceau places feminism at the heart of her personal commitment. Thus, for her, being a woman is a real pride, a feeling that all women should feel: “ I am happy to be a woman, to give birth to children, to breastfeed them, to have a healthy body. It makes you free to have a body that works well. “. The actress also regrets this permanent judgment she has suffered regarding her appearance since her debut as an actress when she was only 13 years old. Judgment that hardens inexorably with the passage of time: “ It’s always the same question: is it drinkable or is it no longer drinkable? »

Sophie Marceau, an actress at peace with her body

And although her career began when she was still a teenager, Sophie Marceau lives very well the relationship to her body and to the passage of time: ” I don’t feel rooted in a particular age, I feel like I’m very old and very young, I find it hard to situate myself between 15 and 60! I have the impulse of the teenager, I’m not afraid to throw myself into new things like when you’re 14 and you’re not too stiff yet and I have the wisdom of the old. “. A wise reflection that many should adopt.

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