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Amel Bent cash on his weight gain: “At 20, criticism of my weight upset me. Today, they hurt less. »


Amel Bent has always approached his physique, his forms, through his songs in particular. Over time, the singer learned to take responsibility for her body despite the criticism she still faces today.

A changed body

Like everyone else, Amel Bent has seen his body change over time. It must be said that the pregnancies of the young woman had an impact on her weight. Amel Bent has two children. The eldest is a little girl named Sofia, born in 2016. The second is another little girl, Hana, born in 2017. Finally, the singer and her husband, Patrick Antonelli, had Zayn, a little boy, born in 2022. These close pregnancies have earned Amel Bent a weight gain that she openly assumes: ” You have to accept to take 27 kilos. You have to accept to see yourself like that, to change…This does not prevent haters from regularly attacking the singer’s physique.

Assumed forms

But Amel Bent has matured, and her view of her own body, but also of the attacks she suffers on this subject, has changed a lot. It is now with serenity that the singer accepts her new forms: ” There are the criticisms, which are sent back to you, but today, I accepted to grow old. “. During a recent interview, Amel Bent presents herself as a woman determined to defend all women who, like her, are victims of criticism about their physique: “ I am not an activist, but sometimes I have to commit myself to all these women who look like me and who have no voice. I assume what I wear because I feel good that way. At 20, criticism of my weight upset me. Today, they hurt less. I refuse to change to please some “. Amel Bent therefore assumes his body, continuing to wear the outfits that he likes without worrying about the eyes of others.

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