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Chloé Jouannet in a crop top belly in the air, the daughter of Alexandra Lamy appears more radiant than ever


Actress and bubbly young woman, Chloé Jouannet treated herself to a little Italian getaway. The opportunity for the young woman to share some pictures with her subscribers who enjoyed following her during her vacation.

Chloé Jouannet in holiday mode

It was in Rome that the young actress decided to leave for a few days of vacation. An opportunity for Chloé Jouannet to share with her subscribers, as she is used to, some shots of succulent dishes and others taken at the bend of some typical alleys of the Italian capital. Among these photos, one of them has received many compliments. In fact, we see Alexandra Lamy’s daughter posing in a chic and casual outfit: anthracite gray low-waisted pants, and a small white crop top revealing an ultra-flat stomach. In vacation mode, Chloé Jouannet wears sunglasses and a pair of sneakers, practical for strolling the streets of Rome. A sober and ideal look for both elegant and relaxed holidays where the young woman appears absolutely radiant.

An actress who makes her mother proud

Chloé Jouannet is a talented actress, which is confirmed not without pride by her mother, who is none other than Alexandra Lamy. The latter has also recently defended her daughter, accused of succeeding thanks to the piston. This is how the mother hired the daughter to star in the very first film she was directing, Affected. While Alexandra Lamy feared that her daughter would not properly assume the role she had entrusted to her, she was able to see with undisguised happiness that her daughter was a very gifted actress: “ She’s an actress, Chloe, I had no doubts about that. I took her honestly because I knew she was capable. She’s a beautiful actress, and she’s going to be amazing! And I’m not saying that because she’s my daughter, I really mean it. “. An experience that only confirmed that a promising future was looming for the young actress who decided to follow in the footsteps of her mother and father, actor Thomas Jouannet.

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