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Fabienne Carat separated from Alain (“Married at first sight”): the reason for their breakup revealed


The fans of the couple formed by Fabienne Carat and her companion, Alain, had the bad surprise to learn, this Monday, April 24, that they had put an end to the relationship. The end of a story that had conquered Internet users.

The end of a beautiful love story

Fabienne Carat seemed to be spending happy days with Alain for about a year. The man who then shared his life was well known to Internet users since he had participated in the program “Married at first sight”. The couple appeared more united than ever, Alain having even planned to adopt the daughter of the actress, Céleste: “He loves her as his daughter and he wants her to be his daughter. Perhaps in simple adoption, we will see it is still a little premature. But in any case, he adopted her in his heart. “The biological father had indeed left the mother of their child during her pregnancy, which had plunged the actress, then aged 42, into a deep malaise: “ For a long time, I was a little ashamed. That’s why I announced my pregnancy very late “. Fortunately, his meeting with Alain had put him in a good mood. But the respite was short-lived, as the former reality TV candidate announced on his Instagram account on Monday, April 24, adding in the caption to his publication: “ By popular demand I will answer your question, indeed we are no longer together after a magnificent one-year relationship… I will take this opportunity to thank you publicly for everything you have done for me, your love, your generosity, your kindness to me…“.

Too busy schedules

Even if neither Fabienne Carat nor Alain are delayed on the reasons for their breakup, it would seem that this is in particular due to very busy agendas for one like the other. The actress is indeed currently taken by a shoot, while her ex-companion must be present for her hair salon located in Montpellier. We wish them all to find love quickly.

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