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Fine hair: 6 tips for finding a haircut with volume! (1/7)


Can’t get enough of your messy hair? If you have fine hair, it is most certainly due to your genetic heritage (bad luck for you), but at the same time, aggressive care, a poor lifestyle or an unbalanced diet can attack or deprive the hair of nutrients it needs to be stronger. At the level of the scalp, the microcirculation is less stimulated with age, suddenly the hair grows back less quickly and especially finer. The hair fiber loses thickness and the hair loses density and volume.

Fine hair is more fragile by nature because less thick, it is often brittle and tends to grease quickly. It’s a vicious circle: we release them more quickly and, in doing so, we make them more aware. Another weak point: they split faster than normal hair because their ends are more tapered. Rest assured there are solutions to fight against these phenomena. Hair routine, hairstyle idea or volume tips, we give you our best tips to boost your hair.

2. Choose the right shampoo

Organic shampoo for fine hair, 13.95 euros.  Centifolia

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Go for natural and gentle shampoos that will not weaken your scalp or the hair fiber. Use, of course, shampoos adapted to your needs, dry, brittle, greasy etc. Do not wash your hair more than twice a week using warm to cold water. When they are too frequent, shampoos attack the scalp. This then secretes more sebum. Ideally, we wash our hair once or twice a week. And if, in the meantime, your hair is too greasy, use a dry shampoo! For rinsing, think of rice water which tightens the scales and strengthens the fiber of your hair.

7. Choose a good brush

Fine hair brush, 24 euros, L'Artisan Brossier

© L’Artisan Brossier


We often forget it but the use of a hairbrush is essential in your hair routine. To respect the fragility of fine hair, we recommend a boar bristle brush. Indeed, boar bristles are known to respect fine and fragile hair. In addition, these brushes neutralize the static electricity of fine hair. For your brushing, use a round brush (whose diameter adapts to the length of your hair) which will allow you to take off the roots and give you volume.

Brushing fine hair is essential for the maintenance and health of your hair. First of all by allowing the sebum to be distributed over all of your lengths and therefore to nourish your ends, while your roots will re-grease less quickly. But also to air your hair and restore volume. Finally, brushing acts as a scalp massage, ideal for stimulating regrowth.

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