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Libra – Horoscope for the month of May 2023


As of May 1, Pluto will begin its retrograde in the sign of Aquarius, which could create some discomfort vis-à-vis a group to which you belong. This requires objectivity, and the Scorpio New Moon on May 5 is perfect for getting you to see what is, not what you wish to see. This period can be difficult but it should bring you a lot and above all, lead you to never make the same mistake again. On May 7, Venus enters the sign of Cancer and will be in dissonance with your sign. You may find it difficult to keep your emotions to yourself, and yet some people may tend to rejoice in your misfortune. Things will be back to normal on May 15 when Mercury resumes direct movement in the sign of Taurus, in conjunction with Uranus. The planet of changes pushes you out of your comfort zone and Jupiter’s exit from the sign of Aries will take place on May 16, which will bring you enormous relief, as if a weight were lifted from your shoulders. In Taurus, Jupiter will stay for a year, which will allow you to experience professional expansion in line with your expectations. On May 19, the New Moon in Taurus will be favorable to your expectations in terms of feelings, if your goal is related to the sustainability of a relationship. On May 20, Mars enters Leo and on May 21 the Sun will be in Gemini, which promises an intense and jovial end to the month. You will find a beautiful energy but the lessons of the beginning of the month aim to serve you in the long term. Don’t take things for granted, looks can be deceiving.

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