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Pisces – Horoscope for the month of May 2023


The season of Taurus is beneficial for your sign because it leads you to take concrete action on what you want to see happen. On May 5, the full moon in the sign of Scorpio will be intense but totally favors your evolution. It will be easy for you to question certain things or even certain relationships in order to move towards your success. Opposed to Mercury and Uranus, this full moon evokes the need to transform yourself internally in order to move towards a change that seems inevitable and positive for you. On May 7, Venus enters the sign of Cancer, which will give you strong intuition but also feed your creativity with events from the past. Thus, it is possible that you get closer to a person with whom you had lost contact. Be on your guard all the same, you don’t have to reveal your whole life every second. On May 15, Mercury resumes direct movement, which will help you see more clearly, especially in your friendly relationships. On May 16, Jupiter enters the sign of Taurus, which marks the start of an intense year in terms of opportunity. Don’t let anyone make you doubt your skills, Jupiter in Taurus is in harmony with your sign and sends you productive energy that you will know how to put to use in what is important to you. On May 19, the new moon in the sign of Taurus will be perfect for making a fresh start, especially financially. If you can, set up savings, even minimal, it will serve you. The Sun’s entry into Gemini on May 21 will be preceded by Mars’ entry into Leo on May 20. Do not go too fast and keep a certain distance with others, especially on the information you entrust to them.

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