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Sagittarius – Horoscope for the month of May 2023


May 1 marks the start of Mars retrograde in Aquarius, which in the first place could cause a sense of loss of freedom. Do not dwell on this and prefer to move forward. The full moon in Scorpio will take place on May 5 and you may have some adjustments to make in your plans. In addition, the notion of questioning seems linked to a change that could lead you to let go of an opportunity that matters to you. Don’t be sad, it’s only a postponement and the future will give you things that will exceed your expectations. With Venus entering Cancer, you may be nostalgic for a time or a person that touched your heart. It’s never too late to come back to the people you love. This month marks the end of Jupiter’s transit in the sign of Aries and its entry into Taurus will take place on May 16. You will want to advance professionally, but be careful not to put the cart before the horse. It’s an astral configuration that will last for a year, don’t rush. Luck financially is possible but you will have to show restraint and not defy the prohibitions to obtain it. On May 20, Mars enters the sign of Leo, which favors measured actions. Put passion in what you do, it will help you to accept that each step of the process of realization is not always a piece of cake and you will be less inclined to give up to turn to something else. The new moon in Taurus on May 19 invites you to put more consistency in your actions and in your life, in order to best experience the Gemini season which begins on May 21. You will have plenty of time to meet people.

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