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“Eat a little”: the last Instagram photo of Delphine Wespiser makes Internet users react


While she had shared photos of her behind the scenes of the show Love Island of W9, Delphine Wespiser has been the target of strong criticism from some Internet users. The latter reproach him for his slim and slender silhouette…


We may be called Delphine Wespiser, but we can also be the prey of certain detractors… Very close to her Instagram community, Delphine Wespiser shared photos of her immortalized behind the scenes of the reality TV show that she present on W9, Love Island.

Clichés on which she appears more resplendent than ever, dressed in a pretty and long emerald green dress. While many netizens complimented the former beauty queen’s appearance, some were more critical and unfairly attacked the former columnist. Do not touch My TVjudging her silhouette too thin and slender.

“Eat a little! », “We need to eat a little more”, “Isn’t there a problem with the legs?” », “It’s not the dress that shows you off the most! », “Too thin for my taste”, “His thigh is my wrist”, ” Too thin “, ” A skeleton “, “Uh…. Aren’t you a little skinny there Delphine? », “It’s getting shocking”they indeed reacted.


Intolerable attacks that Delphine Wespiser preferred to ignore, who did not respond to comments. Fortunately, the pretty brunette can count on the support of her fans, who are always there to defend her.

One also wrote: “People who judge her physique make me want to vomit… She is a magnificent woman, fine and not retouched or skinny… She is above all endowed with an intelligence and a tolerance of which unfortunately too many are destitute ». Another commented: “Why do you need to always judge a woman’s curves, it’s boring. Let everyone look in a mirror, and make their own self-criticism, and leave the others in peace..

“The weight of words hurts. To read you 90% of the comments. Whether she’s skinny or not. Whether she says, I’m their doll or not. Whether she does a show that looks like her or not. What if it was you in this photo? What if you had more diplomacy to choose your words. To a loved one or yourself. How easy it is to drop a criticism. Without making the effort to tell yourself how the person opposite can perceive. I don’t know if it’s laziness or just bullshit coming out of your mouths.”can we also read.

Well said !

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