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“Important information”: Amel Bent makes a big announcement on social networks


It was on his Instagram account this Wednesday, May 31, 2023 that Amel Bent announced “important information” to its subscribers.

self acceptance

Amel Bent is the proud mother of three children, Sofia, Hana and Zayn, aged 7, 5 and 1 respectively. A motherhood that fills the 37-year-old singer with happiness, who has seen her body change over time, as her pregnancies progress.

“You have to accept to gain 27 kilos. You have to accept to see yourself like that, to change, and to say to yourself: ‘I gave birth but I’m not going to immediately become the woman I was before being pregnant’.she said in 50 minutes inside in September 2022.

“Important information”: Amel Bent makes a big announcement on social networks

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big announcement

Tired of being constantly criticized for her weight since she gave birth to her third child, the interpreter of My philosophy recently entrusted to Tele-Leisure : “I’m not an activist, but sometimes I have to stand up for all these women who look like me and who have no voice. I assume what I wear because I feel good that way. At 20, criticism of my weight upset me. Today, they hurt less. I refuse to change to please some”.

Very active on social networks, Amel Bent made a big announcement to her Instagram subscribers this Wednesday, May 31, 2023. To be as transparent as possible with her community, she declared that she would specify with each photo published whether the latter had been retouched or not.

“From now on, I will specify under each post whether the photos are retouched or not! I think this is important information for our young people. Kisses “, she wrote in the story. A decision that she was quick to implement.

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