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Benjamin (Married at first sight): the candidate comes out of silence and confides in his adventure with Maurine


It was during an interview with Tele-Leisure this Tuesday, June 6, 2023 that Benjamin confided in his adventure with Maurine in the last season of Married at first sight on M6


There’s a couple who didn’t have butterflies in their stomachs participating in the last season of Married at first sightit’s Benjamin and Maurine.

Throughout their adventure, the two candidates have never managed to go beyond the stage of friendship… And for good reason, on their wedding day in Gibraltar, Maurine did not fall in love with Benjamin, who she found too small for her taste.

If Benjamin and Maurine still decided to get married, they were quickly disillusioned. The candidate failed to open her heart despite her physical criteria. The two candidates therefore decided to separate on their return to France, without waiting for the results of their adventure during the final episode of the show.


In an interview given to Tele-Leisure this Tuesday, June 6, 2023, Benjamin confided in the adventure he lived with Maurine. He who tried to reassure the doubtful candidate, said he was not surprised by the end of their story.

“I didn’t have that crush either. It never opened so I couldn’t really get into seduction and forge romantic ties, but I was disappointed with the end of the experience. We put a lot of hope in it, we want to live a beautiful story. I came looking for someone, I left with no one. It’s part of the game.”did he declare.

“When you’re fighting alone in a couple or trying to create a story and it doesn’t work… I was just asking for a call. But that’s how it is, I can’t be in his place. I got a message or two in seven days and called her twice, but she said she was busy. She never called me back.”he added.

The candidate then explained that he was offended by Maurine’s comments about his height. “I’m not the tallest of men, but I’m not the shortest either!” I am 1m73! »he said.

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