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Laura and Anthony (Married at first sight): the candidate tells what happened after their meeting


M6 broadcast the last episode of Married at first sight this Monday, June 5, 2023. If the majority of the candidates had the right to their balance sheet, this was not the case for Laura and Anthony. What happens to the two candidates? In an interview given to Purepeople this Tuesday, June 6, Laura came out of silence.

Marriage annulled

Laura and Anthony were one of the couples of the seventh season of Married at first sight. While the experts had brought them together, judging their love accounting at 77%, the two candidates, who had never met, ultimately did not get married, as the principle of the show requires. For what ? Because at only the age of 26, Laura had to be operated on urgently because of an inflammation of the arteries of her brain which caused her a stroke.

If the experts of the show preferred to cancel their marriage, Laura and Anthony did not stop there. The two candidates still met, even if they did not pass the ring on their finger.

Balance sheet

Despite this meeting, Laura and Anthony were not entitled to their results in the last episode of the show broadcast this Monday, June 5, 2023. What happened to their meeting? Are they a couple or not?

Questions that viewers ask themselves, which Laura answered. In an interview given to Purepeople this Tuesday, June 6, 2023, the candidate told what happened after her meeting with Anthony.

“We saw each other twice off-camera. We had a very good feeling once again. But it did not give more. I don’t know why it didn’t work. We never developed anything romantic, so it didn’t work out sentimentally.”she said, before adding:

“From time to time, we send messages. But not more than that either. We each have our lives. I’m a little sad about that, I find it a shame. But it’s life that decides like that. I’m very busy with my job and my health, so maybe I don’t take enough time to write to him. Maybe one day it will be different”.

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