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Maximilien (Married at first sight) annoyed: these little spikes thrown by Estelle that he did not support


In the latest episode of Married at first sight broadcast this Monday, June 5, 2023 on M6, Maximilien did not like the little spades thrown by Estelle at the gym. The tone quickly rose…

Sporting challenge

AIE Aie Aie. While the tensions between Maximilien and Estelle had subsided in previous episodes of Married at first sightthe two candidates argued in the final episode of the show broadcast this Monday, June 5, 2023 on M6.

While Estelle had come to spend the weekend with Maximilien, the latter wanted to introduce her to the gym in which he works as a sports coach. The ideal opportunity for the candidate to spoof her husband by challenging him to use a machine and carry 45 kilos of weight.

“But you’re sick! I don’t want to tear my arms off. It’s like taking dumbbells from you and saying, ‘Pick up 100 pounds and squat with it.exclaimed Maximilien, under the laughter of Estelle.


Maximilien obviously did not appreciate Estelle’s joke and did not hesitate to entrust him in an interview, in front of the camera. “I want to laugh, that people send me spades and tease me, but there are limits that should not be exceeded”did he declare.

If the candidate refused to submit to the challenge launched by his wife, the latter gave the cover by throwing to him: “Ah but you don’t know? It means you know how to use them but you don’t know how to carry weight. I try to understand… “she told him.

The straw that broke the camel’s back… “For her, it’s not much, but for me she comes to attack me on my profession. It hurts me. I feel attacked, I don’t feel respected. Clearly, this is a situation that I cannot handle.”he revealed as he left the gym.

It was only once outside that the tone quickly rose between Maximilien and Estelle. “It pissed me off that he left like that, that he turned his back on me and that he didn’t try to make me understand at the time. Then I don’t want to talk anymore.”Estelle told the camera.

If the candidate then considered returning home, Maximilien, meanwhile, said: “It’s her way of responding. For me, it is clear in my head. It’s the end of the experiment, it’s the end of our story, it’s the end of our marriage. If she makes this decision, for me, there will be no point of return”.

Fortunately, this episode seems to be ancient history for Maximilien and Estelle who admitted to being still in a relationship since the report of the show, this Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

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